Pile DrivingJohnston Construction has expanded its foundation services to provide state of the art drilling and caisson installation equipment for shallow, mid and deep foundations. Through the use of down the hole (DTH) percussion hammers, Johnston Construction is capable of installing caissons from 150mm to 610mm diameter. The system drills and installs the caisson in a single pass eliminating the need to case the hole before drilling, regardless of the geological formation to be drilled. The methods that Johnston Construction utilizes also allows caissons to be drilled at a batter, though boulder laden overburden, or consolidated bedrock with remarkable speed and accuracy.

Johnston Construction can also exchange the DTH hammer for an air rotary drill or continuous flight augur. This allows the same drilling equipment to adapt to any soil condition encountered in the field as detailed subsurface information is not always available before construction begins. With a broad range of equipment available and experienced crews Johnston Construction can provide the flexibility and knowledge to find the tool for your foundation project.